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A great Al Capone TattooA cute female warrior with helmetHyper textured skullOld Man SmokingSurprise expressionPoseidon tattooLiberty tattooThe most scary tattooNice portrait in black and greyA cute composition of  a woman smokingA beautiful mouth bitting a roll of 100 billsTattoos done by Victor Mane
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About Me

Born in Almeria, Spain, Victor Mane has been deeply attracted to the world of tattooing since his teenage years. He was enthralled by the idea that art could be on a person’s skin in any corner of the world, and that art could be seen as if it were a moving museum. Seven years ago, he decided to take the leap and focus on realistic black and white tattoos. He perfected the technique and built himself as an artist. During this time, he managed to work as a guest in many of the best tattoo studios in Spain, Holland, and England. He participated in international conventions in the United States, England, Holland, Spain, and Portugal. He has received 7 awards in the category of realism for his tattoo work.


Complete the form below to start your tattoo journey. Let Victor know your idea and he will assess it. Feel free to include example images. Please include the measurements of the tattoo and the placement on the body where you want it. After the request is received and approved, you will be given an estimate for the cost of the tattoo. After receiving the estimate, you can reserve an appointment and pay a deposit. On the day of your appointment, you will be able to see and assess the final design before having your tattoo session with Victor.

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